My name is Josephine Ilona, and I'm the founder, designer and creator behind ILONA. In the summer of 2020, I graduated as Accessory Designer from Design School Kolding. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to proceed as an independent designer.

I desire to live off my creations but in a responsible way, where sustainability is a main focus, not only in the production, but also packaging and shipment.
 My designs are an expression of constant curiosity towards the world. I get inspired by the people around me, travelling and experiencing new cultures or techniques. I envision the brand as a diary of textures, techniques and shapes that will keep developing through time. 

ILONA jewelry is meant to last for generations, and because I only use precious metals, the value of each piece will remain - and, if desired, can be recreated into something new one day. 

The ILONA language of form is adventurous and organic. Much like drawing, I use my hands as a tool to visualize the shapes emerging in my head. Some designs and ideas work best on paper, and some turn into jewelry. I live by the philosophy that there's always a reason to celebrate - and thereby always a reason to put on your best jewelry. And as long as my curiosity remains, I will continue creating.